What is self-esteem?

S elf-esteem is a personal judgment and an attitude towards oneself that reflects the concept that we have of our worth and our qualities. It shapes our personality and it is generated based on each of our vital experiences.

Many theories suggest that self-esteem is a basic human need. Abraham Maslow described two forms of love: the need for respect from others, and the need for self-esteem.

How important is it?

T he degree of self-esteem that we have is manifested in thoughts, attitudes and behaviors. High self-esteem fosters a positive attitude, satisfaction, the desire to fight and is a great buffer against adversity, serving as motivation and positively affecting our behavior.

However, low self-esteem often increases stress and demotivation, makes us feel incapable of achieving our goals and can lead us to believe that we cannot be valued by other people.

How can you foster your self-esteem?

  • Love yourself more and better
  • Accept yourself, as you are
  • Develop a sense of humour
  • Be constructive
  • Have no fear of responsibilities or decision making
  • Don’t think it’s all your fault
  • Reward yourself for your achievements
  • Simplify life